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Locally Kosher

Cafe @ the J, Featuring Garbonzos - Falafel Bar & Tuesday Meat Night
6651 SW Capitol Hwy Portland, OR 97219
Tel: (503) 535-3630 

Cafe is open to the public Sunday through Friday. Dairy (Mostly Cholov Stam) & Parve.

Garbanzos menu includes pita sandwiches, pizza, burgers, plate options, soup, and sides. Garbonzos is not only kosher, but also vegan and halal. Gluten free options are available. Click here for the full menu.

Tuesday nights is meal night at the J! The Cafe closes at 4:30pm on Tuesdays and reopens for meat dinner from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. The menu is posted weekly on the MJCC website

Under the supervision of Oregon Kosher.

Century Catering

Allen Levin: (503) 849-2605
Email: centurycatering@msn.com

Century Catering are the people to contact for all your catering needs, from small parties to large events, banquets and conventions.

Catering Under the supervision of Oregon Kosher upon request.

Shabbat Take Out from Cafe @ the J
(Orders due Monday by midnight, Pickup Thursday between 3:30pm – 5pm) 
Allen Levin of Century Catering & Cafe at the J is preparing kosher to-go items for the Shabbat table. Pickup is at the turnaround in front of the MJCC, 6651 SW Capitol Hwy Portland, OR 97219. Click here for full menu and to place your order.
Under the Supervision of Oregon Kosher.

Certain Items In These Stores Are Under Supervision

Bowery Bagels - Only Whole and Uncut Bagels

Downtown location: 310 NW Broadway
Portland, Or, 97209
Open: 7am-2pm — Everyday 
Tel: 503-227-NOSH (6674)
Only the whole and uncut Bagels are under the supervision of Oregon Kosher. All flavors included

Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels (HHBB) - Only Whole and Uncut Bagels

523 NE 19th ave.
Portland, Or
Tel: (971) 940-0256 retail and (503) 327-1844 for bakery
Only the whole and uncut bagels are under the supervision of Oregon Kosher. All flavors included

Krispy Kreme - Beaverton

16415 NW Cornell Rd, Beaverton, OR 97006

Safeway Grocery - On Barbur Blvd

8145 SW Barbur BLVD, Portland OR 97219
The SAFEWAY on Barbur BLVD features both an indoor and outdoor seating area. They have a full service kosher bakery, and expanded kosher sections for wine, dry goods, frozen goods, fresh meat, and cheeses. 

Sarah Bellum’s Bakery and Workshop

7828 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, Or, 97219
Tel:(971) 249-2870
All items made in the workshop are Kosher Dairy. Prepackaged items are not under Oregon Kosher’s supervision.

Sunny's Legendary Frozen Yogurt
4397 Southwest Vermont Street, Portland, OR 97219‎
Tel: (971) 271-8348
Located at the corner of SW 45th and SW Vermont St. is now certified by Oregon Kosher. All yogurt is Kosher dairy. Not all toppings are Kosher, Please refer to the approved list of kosher toppings located in the store. Those toppings are located in a special Kosher divider.

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