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Oregon Kosher is a full service regional Kosher agency that certifies companies in retail and in the industrial field across the Pacific Northwest and the neighboring states.

Universally, Oregon Kosher is accepted by all kosher certification agencies and is a member of AKO (Association of Kashrut Organizations). The Oregon Kosher symbol can be found on national and global brands and it’s symbol is recognized and trusted by consumers. 

Oregon Kosher is a non-profit Corporation founded by leaders of the Oregon Jewish Community in 1997 to serve the kosher needs of consumers and businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon Kosher is dedicated to promoting kosher accessibility in Oregon and its neighboring states through supervision, certification, education and research. Oregon Kosher is an approachable, dependable and ethical agency.

We work with many companies in the food industry. Each company has its own unique privacy concerns. Oregon Kosher guarantees that sensitive information is strictly regulated among supervisors and coordinators. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be kosher certified?

Some people have a mistaken belief that certified kosher foods, have been blessed by a rabbi. In reality, kosher certification confirms that a product meets the requirements and constraints of kosher law. By a product bearing the Oregon Kosher symbol, the status that a product is warranted and guaranteed Kosher.

What are the kosher laws?

The laws of kosher date back to the time of Moses, over 3300 years ago. The laws are intricate and extensive, detailing which foods a Jewish person is permitted to eat, and the ways in which the food may be prepared. Although the essential laws have not changed over the past 3000 years, their application to issues presented by current food processing technologies requires an expertise in both kosher law and modern food technology.

What is your fee structure and how much will I pay?

Oregon Kosher is a Not-For-Profit-Agency. We have developed a reputation for being affordable, and yet reliable. Kosher Certification fees are tailor-made for each company, based on their products and the frequancy of visits, needed to be made by a Rabbinic Field Representative. In contrast to Organic or non-GMO certification, OREGON KOSHER fees are never tied to your company’s sales or size.

What is your turn around time?

Oregon Kosher has a fast turn around time and will usually respond within an hour.

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